Photo: Iowa Tourism Office

ProLog Venture Fund II

Address: Prolog Ventures
7701 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 1095
St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: 314.743.2411

Management Team and Iowa Contacts

  • Brian Clevinger, Managing Director
  • Greg Johnson, Managing Director
  • Ilya Nykin, Managing Director
  • Dan Broderick, Venture Partner

Investment and Sector Preferences

ProLog is a venture capital firm specializing in life sciences. Since our launch in 2001, we’ve supported more than 25 young companies. We invest in traditional healthcare opportunities as well as emerging areas — such as nutrition, wellness, and green technology — in which we’ve built one of the largest portfolios in the country.

Our firm was created by people with both investment know-how and direct experience in getting new ventures off the ground. We use this expertise to invest in what we know best: exceptional opportunities in their early stages. And then we take an active, ongoing role in helping entrepreneurs develop the right strategy, team, and connections to succeed.