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Impact on Iowa

Celebrating Iowa's Entrepreneurs

ICIC empowers promising Iowa entrepreneurs, local investors and the commercialization efforts of universities and federal labs by stimulating the growth of Iowa's professional seed and venture capital industry.

ICIC's vision — to help build a thriving Iowa entrepreneurial ecosystem in which an evergreen, self-sustaining Iowa Fund of Funds and its partner venture funds play an important role — will take many years to complete. Yet the Iowa Fund of Funds is growing and already making an impact on Iowa's economy.

Recent Investments

Recent investments by ICIC portfolio venture funds have catalyzed millions of dollars for Iowa companies including:

Of particular note is the leverage effect of Iowa Fund of Funds investing: $35 million in commitments has attracted seven venture funds with over $710 million in venture investing capacity.

Program Highlights

    • With Iowa Development Corp, ICIC secured $95 million for Iowa from the Federal New Market Tax Credit Program. The 2008 round includes a special focus on rural businesses.
    • ICIC hosted a number of venture funds at the 2011 Seed and Venture Forum in Coralville, including: OCA Ventures, Prolog Ventures, LFE Capital, AAVIN Capital, Seyen Capital, DeWaay Capital, among others. See this summary of the Forum.